Resolve Computing's Policies and other information:

Environmental Policy

Resolve Computing, as an ethically managed business, recognises that its activities still impact upon the environment. To address this challenge, the business aims to operate in a legally compliant and environmentally responsible manner. This is done by using the following Environmental Policy to monitor, review and taking action on activities to minimise this impact. By adopting this approach, Resolve Computing intends to benefit its clients and the broader community whilst complementing its core business operations.

Reflecting identified areas of impact, the current objectives are to:

Minimise waste production by identifying reduction areas: suppliers' packaging, raw materials, treatment towels and products, working electronically and encouraging suppliers to do likewise

Assist waste minimisation by re-using items where practical and hygienic: packaging, containers, postage materials and stationery

Purchase ethically by choosing organic and/or locally sourced goods including catering and ecologically-kind cleaning supplies

Commit to where items cannot be re-used or donated elsewhere, to recycle wherever possible - and, as a last resort, disposing of items responsibly

Reduce energy usage by investing in low-energy rated equipment, heating and lighting, use a switch-off and non-standby policy, maximise heat through effective insulation and thermostats/timers on the premises

Lessen water usage by using clean water prudently, and continue to re-use grey water on the premises' grounds

Lower emissions by minimising car-travel, using public transport where practical, car-sharing, journey-planning - and encouraging clients to do likewise

Use recycled products such as stationery and containers

Commit to continuously research and use new sustainable alternatives in all business areas: e.g. pursuing production/certification of products grown on-site

Continue to compost all compostable materials

When relevant, to provide practical, regular training to all employees, with opportunity for engagement and feedback

Display the company's most up-to-date Environmental Policy on the business website and within its premises

Allocate sufficient resources to measure all the above, and to then regularly update clients on performance and progress

This Environmental Policy encompasses Resolve Computing objectives, drives its choices and is embedded in its operations. Whilst staff are responsible for implementing it, Resolve Computing values clients' input towards addressing impacts which affect us all.

The environmental objectives are reviewed at least annually to accurately Resolve Computing activities whilst inspiring improvement.

Equal Opportunities Policy - Provision of Service

Resolve Computing is committed to equality of opportunity for all and to removing barriers to equal opportunity. Resolve Computing fully recognises and accepts its responsibility to ensure that there is no discrimination on the grounds of a person's gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, age, disability or sexual orientation.

All individuals will be treated fairly and equally, and all relevant legislation will be complied with, in the provision of its services, and in arrangements for access to facilities and information.

Resolve Computing will ensure that confidentiality of information is maintained at all times. Resolve Computing will also endeavour to provide suitable interpreting services where appropriate, and will ensure that buildings are accessible to all wherever possible or that a suitable alternative is provided.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly or suffered harassment because of your gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, age, disability or sexual orientation, you should report this without fail to Resolve Computing.

Any such complaints will be fully investigated as speedily as possible, and you will be kept advised of action taken.

If you are dissatisfied with any decision, you have the right to use Resolve Computing's formal Complaints Procedure.